Until the launch of our online store, orders will be collected by email:  . If you would like to chat then you can contact us through social media that is META/FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM where We also post about new products and current promotions. To order fabrics please simply write down the name and color or codes that you will find under pictures and desired length in meters. We start cutting fabrics from 0.5m every 0,1 m. Prices given in the description or sometimes underneath pictures are in polish currency PLN and usually given for 0,5m of fabric and include +23% polish VAT TAX. Only wholsale prices for unicolour double gauze and 140-150gsm linen are given on top of the site for 1 meter. If you are active EU-VAT payer than contact us prior to purchase to give you 0-VAT prices (deducted by 23% comparing to the website ones). For EURO payments we use fixed exchange rate which is updated once a month depending on lastest exchange rates and polish curency fluctuations. Current exchange rate is set up at 4,20/1  PLN/EURO. So if you see polish gross price stated in PLN and you are VAT-0 EU payer than first divide it by /1,23 and than by /4,20 to get your NET price in EURO. We are always happy to calculate it for you. Ordered fabric are reserved for 24h.  Placing order, please provide shipping address with phone# for courier and your email address. After making payment, please send us bank receipt of the transfer or screenshot of the payment to ensure faster packing and delivery.

For over 6 years, we have been importing mostly certified, natural fabrics for the main purpose of children’s products and clothes. Depending on the season, our regular offer includes from 95 to 98% of fabrics that are certified or meet the requirements according to OEKOTEXstandard100 or GOTS. When introducing new fabrics, it is our priority to always choose natural, certified and safe fabrics. As a retail store, we do not belong to the certified GOTS sales network, so products made of our fabrics should not be signed with their logo. We recommend selling them as organic cotton products with additional information to customers that they meet quality standards in accordance with GOTS requirements. Contrary to GOTS, we are an official, registered retailer of the best quality viscose, that is ECOVERO and TENCEL. At your request, we will always prepare a written confirmation of the quality of our materials based on the copies of certificates and written confirmations from our trusted suppliers. Due to the protection of our supply, we do not provide direct copies of the certificates we have received. We buy supplies practically only from European companies with an established position on the market and an impeccable long-term sales history. When you buy our fabrics, you have the guarantee of a natural, high-quality product that can be safely used for children and newborns.

We only accept prepayment through regular bank transfer (T/T).
Account in PLN: 90 1090 2037 0000 0001 4213 2522
Account in EURO: PL 73 1090 2037 0000 0001 4213 3701 BIC:  WBKPPLPP
Company address: GEOMAT, ul. Wawelska 4, 41-700 Ruda Slaska, Poland
In the description of the transfer, please write down your name or FB/IG  ID. For bank transfers coming from EU countries, we recommend to make payments in SEPA mode (the cheapest option). Its a regular transfer with shared costs.
Until the online store launch, that is the only accepted form of payment.
If you are an EU company and have an active EU VAT status, please report this before purchase. The final price will be reduced by 23% of polish VAT tax.
If you are indyvidual buyer and dont need and invoice than bank wire confirmation is your proof of purchase. On clients request we issue invoices for both individuals and companies. Invoices are delivered electronically to your email (PDF) AFTER receipt of the payments. We send invoices usually at the end of each week. During busy times not later than the end of the month of your purchase.

We usually send out your packages within 24hrs after receiving payment. All domestic shipments are delivered by DPD/GLS/Fedex couriers at a fixed price of 14.00 PLN without weight limits. Deliveries in EU are being done in 3 weight categories: up to 2.0kg/10.0kg/30.0kg. Below you can find prices in EURO and aproximate delivery times:

Austria – 8 / 14 / 18 – 2 days
Belgium – 9 / 18 / 23 – 3 days
Bulgaria – 10 / 28 / 31 – 4 days
Croatia – 9 / 19 / 23 – 3 days
Czech Rep. – 8 / 11 / 14 – 2 days
Denmark – 9 / 17 / 21 – 3 days
Estonia – 14 / 21 / 25 – 3 days
Finland – 19 / 35 / 39 – 6 days
France(c) – 13 / 23 / 27 – 3 days
Germany – 8 / 14 / 18 – 2 days
Great Britain* – 10 / 21 / 25 – 4 days
Greece – 17 / 49 / 80 – 5 days
Hungary – 11 / 16 / 19 – 2 days
Ireland – 22 / 37 / 40 – 4 days
Italy – 13 / 24 / 28 – 4 days
Latvia – 12 / 18 / 20 – 2 days
Lituania – 11 / 15 / 19 – 2 days
Luxemburg – 10 / 17 / 22 – 2 days
Netherlands – 9 / 16 / 21 – 3 days
Norway* – 38 / 54 / 57 – 5 days
Portugal(c) – 12 / 33 / 37 – 5 days
Romania – 14 / 25 / 28 – 3 days
Serbia* – 17 / 28 / 31 – 7 days
Slovakia – 8 / 14 / 17 – 2 days
Slovenia – 11 / 21 / 26 – 3 days
Spain(c) – 15 / 34 / 38 – 4 days
Sweden – 15 / 26 / 31 – 5 days
Switzerland* – 17 / 28 / 32 – 4 days
* – 29,50€ export fee added for each order
(c) – continental


If you dont find your location above just write to us so we can look for best shipping option.

If you receive a defective fabric, please inform us immediately and send photo of a defect. We will offer you a discount or propose exchange or return.
All fabrics are cut from a roll, in one piece, to your desired dimension. As a result, we are not obliged to accept any returns for fabrics without errors. Please mind that real shade of the fabric can be bit different based on production batch as well on settings of your display. If you are not sure of colour or structure of fabric you can order small samples at 0.20c/piece or full color cards at 1,50/3.00 euro depending on total number of colours.

We invite smaller and larger apparel shops and other fabric stores to cooperation. If you purchase larger quantities or start permanent cooperation with US than we will offer you discount prices. Please send us email to ask for current wholesale rates.

best regards!

Facebook: milo_fabrics
Instagram: milofabrics


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